Age less with wellness, by Andi Lew

Wellness expert and best selling author Andi Lew has released her 8th book ‘Connected, A Paradigm Shift in How We View Health’, at the most perfect timing! January is the best time of year to make healthy changes and Andi certainly practices what she preaches. At age 47, she often gets told she looks 15 years younger. In this guest blog post below, Andi shares her top tips for ageing less with wellness.

Age Less with Wellness My top 5 things to do to stay connected, where slowing ageing and boosted immunity becomes the by product:

1. Meds or drugs only for emergencies*. They can destroy gut health and impact on your nervous system so you have to heal / recover twice, once from the illness and again from the toxins.

2. Create a better environment for sleep. It’s how we regenerate on a cellular level. Learn how to produce melatonin naturally.

3. Minimize 4 toxic stressors on a physical, chemical, emotional and environmental level.

4. Have wellness chiropractic check ups regularly to take pressure off your nervous system. Through our nervous system is how we perceive the world, adapt to stress and coordinate all bodily functions. Chiropractors are the only health professionals in the world who are trained to detect and correct vertebral subluxations (nervous system interference).

5. Change your perception and heal generational trauma. Create new thought patterns and impact your genes and the way they express themselves. You might want to look up the words of PHD Bruce Lipton and epigenetics. Changing signal from brain to body allows for better gene expression.

You can find out all the details and more in Andi Lew's 8th and latest book, 'Connected, A Paradigm Shift in How We View Health'. Available now in book stores across Australia. For signed copies ($25.95) and the ebook ($15.95), visit

*Seek advice from a registered healthcare professional before you stop taking any medication.

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