Beauty from the inside out

At Wellness Calling, we are so grateful for the flattering effects of artfully applied makeup, the head-turning impact of freshly washed bouncy hair and the confidence that comes with wearing a new dress that fits just perfectly. We also know that living a healthy lifestyle can help you look AND feel amazing. Read on to find our top beauty tips, starting from the inside out.

Eat well

Glow from the inside out by eating a diet full of different coloured vegetables, fruits, whole grains and a handful of nuts, with minimal artificial and toxic ingredients or added sugars. Red, purple & orange vegetables & fruits are especially good for skin. Aim for 2 pieces of fruit and 5 vegetables every day and eat beauty-boosting nuts like almonds and brazils.

Move your body

Not only can regular exercise improve your figure and increase your energy levels, it can also give you confidence, rosy cheeks, shining eyes and a big smile! Try to move your body 3 to 5 times a week, do something you enjoy, rope in some friends and get outside for a real beauty boost.

Get your beauty sleep

It’s no coincidence that the term ‘beauty sleep’ exists in our vernacular. 8 hours of sleep every night does wonders for our skin, eyes and mood. But it should be good quality sleep too! So avoid distractions like screen time just before bed, make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark, and start a relaxing bedtime routine about an hour before you plan to sleep.

Stay hydrated

8 glasses of tap water a day is great for plump, fresh skin and it’s near instant! Avoid too much alcohol which can be seriously dehydrating and ageing to your skin.

Love yourself

Positivity and gratitude can help you feel and therefore appear more attractive. What features do you like about yourself? What does your body do that you’re grateful for? Self confidence is incredibly alluring.

Live on purpose!

A person with a purpose is so attractive. Find your passion, chase your dreams and go smash your goals...

For help creating your own bespoke healthy lifestyle plan, book a wellness coaching session here.

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