Being well doesn’t equal invincible

Exercising, eating a nutritious diet and taking care of our physical and mental health can all contribute towards wellness, and help support our immune system. But a strong immune system doesn’t mean we’re invincible, or that we’ll never get sick again in our lives.

A common first reaction when we feel unwell is to reach for medication, like pain killers, tummy settlers, decongestants, pills that keep us awake or help us sleep. I’m by no means anti-pharmaceuticals, and advocate for those prescribed by your doctor. But our bodies are usually trying to tell us something, and we’re often tempted to mask that message with self-medication.

If our heads are aching, we can’t keep our eyes open or we’re physically exhausted, we should listen to the signals. It’s so important not to block out these signals with caffeine and self medication just to keep going. When fighting an infection, our bodies need to rest.

Instead of silencing the alarms, we should listen and respond. Close our laptops, put down our phones, turn off the TV, shut our eyes, lay still, sleep. Stop, rest and recover to give our immune system the help it needs to get us back on our feet.

If you’re feeling sick, you should contact your GP. If you need a little extra help on your wellness journey, you can find out more about personal wellness coaching here.

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