Emotion = energy + motion

As women, we often hear that we are too emotional. That we need to suppress our emotions to do our jobs or live our lives effectively. This attitude can cause us to be afraid, not just to express an emotion, but to even feel it.

We bottle up our feelings and call it resilience. We paste smiles on our faces and burst into tears as soon as we're alone. We try to block the emotion with prescription medication and alcohol, or by binge-watching TV.

But what if it's simply a limiting belief? What if it's this that has been holding us back all along?

Ever noticed that when you're really angry, you've never felt more motivated, energised and driven to take action? Or that if you're really passionate about something, action comes so easily?

Emotion isn't something that should be suppressed. It is something that should be felt and expressed. We need to view emotion as energy in motion or e-motion. Next time you're tempted to swallow a feeling, why not try sitting with it and experiencing it? You could find yourself moved in ways you never thought possible.

Ready to dive deep, bring your emotions to the surface and move forward? Book a wellness coaching session here.

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