Planning the ultimate selfcare staycation

2020 has been a tough year for SO many people and for so many reasons. Now here we are, almost at the end of the year, having had overseas or interstate holidays cancelled, and annual leave put on the back burner to support businesses and organisations pivot like never before. And by now, we’re really feeling it. It’s time for a break, it’s time for some selfcare, it’s time for the ultimate selfcare staycation.

Step 1. Turn your home into a sanctuary

How amazing is that feeling of arriving at your hotel after a long trip to find an exquisitely made bed, lavender mist on your pillow, a robe and slippers in the wardrobe, and fluffy towels and fancy toiletries in the bathroom? Why not give yourself the same experience at home? Treat yourself to some crisp new linen and a robe, run yourself a bath with some epsom salts, and relax...

Step 2. Give yourself permission to take a day off from life

It’s so easy to get caught up in our everyday routines and commitments - constantly being busy, rushing off here and there. One of the nicest things about holidays is that you get to take each day as it comes. Eat at any hour of the day or night, nap in the afternoon, read that novel you’ve been meaning to, turn off your phone, go for a long hike, dance to world music on a Tuesday night, put on your resort wear, do exactly whatever you feel like, as long as it makes you feel good!

Step 3. Try a new recipe

Part of the joy of travel is experiencing new flavours. Why not try cooking a different meal, mixing a new cocktail, or trying a dessert you’ve never tasted before? Dress your home for dinner with uplifting music, soft lighting, candles, beautiful linen and cutlery, use your best glassware and treat yourself to some French Champagne. If there’s any year you can have a glass of champagne on any day of the week, 2020 is it.

Step 4. Explore your local neighbourhood

We’ve all been so busy exploring the world that our local area has always been last on the list. Take the opportunity to seek out a hidden gem just around the corner from you. Take long walks down unknown roads and get lost in your home town. You might be surprised at what you uncover. Recreating that feeling of going into the unknown and going on a tiny adventure could be just the ticket.

Step 5. Meet new people

Another beautiful thing about travel is the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures from all over the world. And yet, there are probably thousands of people we haven’t met in our own neighbourhoods! Introduce yourself to a neighbour, take a class, volunteer, connect with people online... the options are limitless.

Balance is so important for our overall wellbeing. If you’re long overdue a break and can’t get away, maybe it’s time you took a selfcare staycation. Happy holidays!

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