Fast Track to Wellness Program 

The Fast Track to Wellness program is a full day private personal wellness coaching session, designed to provide a jump start on your journey towards good health and wellness. Here's what's in store:

Step 1_ Diagnostic.png


Step 1 - we need to know where you are now before we can move forward. We’ll use a number of tools to help you diagnose your main wellness challenges and get clear about what you’d like to focus on.

Step 2_ Goal setting.png

Goal Setting

Step 2 - if you don’t know where you want to go, it’s near impossible to take steps in the right direction. This session will help you draw out and firm up your health and wellness goals so you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Step 3_ Values.png


Step 3 is to find and fine tune your values. Plans that are in alignment with your values are more likely to result in success. This session will involve introspective questioning that will help you to delve into what truly motivates you.

Step 4_ Strengths.png


Step 4 - we’ll look at drawing out your strengths. Too often, we focus on developing areas of weakness. Taking a strength-based approach is a successful way of keeping you on track to achieve your wellness goals.

Step 5_ Visualisation.png


Step 5 is to complete an exercise in visualisation. Visualisation is a tool commonly used by elite athletes and its effects are supported by scientific research. In this session, we’ll visualise where you want to be to help you get there faster.

Step 6_ Balance.png


Step 6 - In order to set you up for success, we’ll need to look at what you can give up and where you can create space in your life. If you have too much to do, it can all become a bit much and you risk going back to bad habits. This session will facilitate a deep dive into your current lifestyle, enabling you to incorporate new healthy behaviours into your life.

Step 7_ Scenario planning.png

Scenario Planning

Step 7 - It’s time to look at our weak spots. We need to get clear about any potential for sabotage that could get in the way of achieving our wellness goals. In this session, we’ll carry out some forward planning so we’re ready to tackle any saboteurs head on if they arise.

Step 8_ Intention setting.png

Intention Setting

Step 8 - In the intention-setting session, we’ll reflect on everything that has come up during the day so far. By now, you’ll be equipped to set intentions that are in alignment with your values, your strengths,  your goals and your lifestyle. These intentions will guide you on your journey towards wellness.

Step 9_ Program planning.png

Program Planning

Step 9 - The final step of the  Fast Track to Wellness Program is to create your plan and program using the Wellness Calling templates. Each plan and program will be bespoke to you, created by you. This will set you up for real success, ready to embark on your journey towards good health and wellness.

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